Albinorap's Gals! Tv Review

Rated: 10

To keep it quick: yeah, it's original, humorous, enjoyable to watch, and it thrives at all of these with hardcore colors. In fact, hardcore is the ebst word for this anime.

Other info:
Currently, ADV has released 26 episdoes of the series in a 6 DVD box set. The show is 52 episodes so I hear, but I can't even find information on the other 26, and ADV hasn't said anything about it, of course I havent asked them. If it's only 26 eps. and the whole 52 eps thing is a mistake made by many, please address it in the reply thing, and fi it is, the show seems unfinsihed as a whole, but being unconfirmed by myself I won't mark down on that.

The manga was licensed by DC comics (go figure) and that should be coming out around Jan-Feb.

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